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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 10, 2018 1:00am-1:34am +03

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it's. just that we all come to different places but it's one that gives us that gives us the ability to identify people who claim the other side of the world but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al-jazeera. water an essential resource for all humankind across europe pressure to recognise water as a human right and put its management back into public hands is increasing i think that the european commission would be very very that was a privatization on anybody is the only kids. those people who see every two years something to invest a profit of the one dollar up to the last drop on al-jazeera. showdown
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at the united nations russia denies there was a chemical weapons attack in syria while the u.s. warns it will respond after all. the i'm sure they want all of this says to al-jazeera live from london also coming . the f.b.i. raids the office of the u.s. president's personal lawyer has been at the center of a control for seats around the pavement to a point start. those a facebook users find out if their data was compromised after c.e.o. mark zuckerberg admits not so nothing was done to prevent mosquitoes. and israeli interrogators are accused of trying to gild palestinian team activists i had to meet.
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a woman welcome to the pullback we begin at the united nations where there's been a shield and between russia and the united states over an alleged chemical weapons attack in syria russia denies the attack on the town of doom that took place even offering to fly weapons inspectors to the site to see for themselves whilst the u.s. at war and a historic moment have been reached and it would be responding regardless of anyone else well the u.n. syria envoy also issued an urgent call for action at that emergency meeting they urge if that group because of it in accordance with its own mandate do one gain in the notion not be to figuratively and not polled the international go to for godsake ensure make a move move from doing both to give if the allegation and attribute responsibility . well for in the story which i bet mike hammer the united nations headquarters in
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new york hi there mike so we heard two theri differing narratives at that security council meeting which i guess goes to confirm this norma's gulf that exists in terms of solving this yes indeed you heard their plea for unity from the special envoy to syria and certainly there was very little a unity evident within the security council chamber the russian and better advanced and alternative theory as one could put it he insisted that there had been no chemical weapons attack the syrian government was not responsible in any way if there was such an attack he insisted it could have been carried out by opposition groups under the direction of american advisers and the intended to justify a military strike against the syrian government this is what he had to say in a barbed comment across the floor towards the u.s.
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ambassador your resume to would was to put i call for those who will speak against me slandering the regime to proceed with the premise that there was no chemical weapons attack sweden drew up a draft resolution to investigate the incident we are willing to consider this resolution today we propose to let the o.p.c. w. fly to damascus immediately to morrow there the syrian authorities in russian troops will provide conditions to travel to the area of the incident for them to familiarize themselves with the situation this is what president trump and other western leaders called upon us to undertake. well whether the o.p.c. w. would seize such a mission as being an independent one that is something that they will have to make clear within coming hours or indeed to days the u.s. has made a proposal in terms of which an investigative mechanism would be set up by the u.n. an independent one with
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a one year mandate which would be tossed with investigating this type of chemical weapons attack and the us ambassador made very very clear that it was time for the security council to take some kind of action or else we are on the edge of a dangerous precipice the great evil of chemical weapons use that once unified the world in opposition is on the verge of becoming the new norm the international community must not let this happen we are beyond showing pictures of dead babies we're beyond appeals to conscience we have reached the moment when the world must see justice done history will record this as the moment when the security council either discharged its duty or demonstrated its utter and complete failure to protect the people of syria either way the united states will respond
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well or not so veiled threat and during the session the leaders the ambassadors of the u.k. france send the us were huddled together in earnest an intense conversation raising the possibility that in the wake of massive security council disunity some members could choose to take a unilateral and forceful action account of their life in the united nations mike thank you. yes president on will trump has also been taking an aggressive line promising a major policy decision on syria within forty eight hours after talks with his ministry he was speaking after calling a cabinet missing to examine his options on syria our white house correspondent kimberly how could has been following events in washington d.c. . u.s. president donald trump says he wants someone to pay for the spec did chemical
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attack in duma on monday he convened his cabinet to discuss it it was an atrocious attack it was horrible when you are studying that situation extremely closely we are meeting with our military and everybody else. will be making some major decisions over the next twenty four to forty eight hours to help make those decisions seated directly behind the president and marking his first day as trumps national security advisor john bolton and chief architect of the u.s. led invasion of iraq fifteen years ago and known for his hawkish views on north korea and iran trump is pointing a finger at iran among others first of portie the syrian government potentially being complicit in the duma attack if it's russia if it's syria if it's a red if it's all of them together we'll figure it out. no the answer is
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quite sure trump has even taken the rare step of directly naming russian president vladimir putin in proportioning the blame. trying to threat of retaliation comes one year after launching airstrikes in a syrian air field following a chemical attack on civilians in the town of clergy and nearly a week after he said he wanted the us to get out of syria i want to bring our troops back home i want to start rebuilding our nation it's time. there was no you did that on monday as the defense secretary said the pentagon is now considering its options also questioning the role the russians played in the latest attack. if you. read through the framework. of the. weapons it is a question the united states must now explore as the u.s. president continues to meet here at the white house with top military advisers he
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is promising a decision within the next day on any u.s. action in syria kimberly health at al-jazeera at the white house meanwhile on the ground in syria fifty thousand rebel fighters and their families have begun leaving tomorrow it's part of a russian sponsored exchange deal which requires the josh all islam rebel group to surrender all prisoners before leaving santa has more from beirut. they are leaving from the last rebel pocket in eastern who. has surrendered up to eight thousand fighters from the rebel group and more than forty thousand of their family members and anyone else who wants to leave are being bussed out of the city the russian military has given them safe passage to rebel held areas in northern syria as part of a deal that also involved. releasing all of its prisoners many. them held for years and among them women and children they arrived at
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a government controlled crossing late on sunday. the deal came after a suspected chemical attack in the city that killed dozens of people doctors and rescue workers saying many of the victims suffocated informed at the mouse symptoms indicative of exposure to some kind of chemical agent damascus and its backer moscow dismissed the claims as fabrication it isn't the first time chemical weapons are believed to have been used by the syrian government against civilians hours after the attack agreed to return to the negotiating table it wasn't clear why the initial collapse on friday but when it did the pro-government alliance launched an all out military offensive to pile pressure on the rebel group the evacuation deal reached or what amounts to a surrender is similar to the agreement with two other rebel factions in eastern who gave up after a fierce bombing campaign. was hoping for
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a different deal that would allow it to remain in control of duma but under the overall jurisdiction of the government that didn't happen what they did manage to get is a guarantee that russia's military police will enter the city and those who chose to stay won't be harassed or detained by state security forces much of duma is now rubble the largest urban center in the eastern suburbs of damascus has been a target since opposition fighters captured the area in two thousand and thirteen. it was the main hub of anti-government protests close to the capital and from there rebels were able to threaten the government seat of power by frequently launching rockets into neighborhoods. seven years later the pro-government alliance is declaring victory but the seven week offensive killed nearly two thousand civilians this is the worst defeat suffered by the opposition since the fall of aleppo in late two thousand. and sixty one of her own beirut. russia and syria have accused
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israel of carrying out air strikes on a military base in central syria they said two fighter jets struck the tile u.s. base in homes killing several people for elian ends are said to be among the dead the site is believed to be controlled by iranian forces which backed the syrian government the sixteen people have been killed and dozens more injured after a ballistic missile attack in activists on the ground say russia which backs the syrian government is responsible for the attack it is the largest area still under rebel control. the f.b.i. has raided the office of president tom's personal lawyer michael cohen seizing amongst other documents records of payments to the porn star stormy daniels let's go live now to washington where we can speak to diane estabrook hi there diane so
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how significant is this. julie this is very significant this is a bombshell here in washington today michael cohen has been the president's personal attorney for about twelve years he's not only is his attorney he's an advisor and the president's so-called fixer so as you mentioned some of the items that were seized today were personal correspondence in the form of e-mails between cohen and his clients which would include president trump tax documents and also business records now the president has said that he didn't you never had an affair with stormy daniels he didn't know anything about this payments that cohen had made to stormy daniels but you you have to think that this information that was. gotten today was seized today by the f.b.i. they may be looking for some link between the president and the adult film star this was not part of robert muller's russia probe however their evidence or
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information that he turned up in the probe was handed over to the u.s. justice department which prompted this this raid today and now this investigation and this is not likely to make the president very happy he has been very vocal about the miller investigation he's been very critical of it and for the president it's likely that to him that the rush of pro bowler have stepped over a line we haven't heard anything yet from the president he hasn't tweeted anything yet but we're likely to hear something within the next several hours we have heard from cohen's attorney he said that that what happened today was inappropriate the way it was carried out was inappropriate so a big story here in washington that is still developing dynasty and live from washington thank you. facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg has apologized to u.s. lawmakers for a privacy breach affecting millions of users in
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a written statement he admitted his social media site didn't do enough to protect users data zuckerberg is in washington where his due to appear before two congressional committees on choose they and whedon's day he'll answer questions about the misuse of up to eighty seven million users personal information how to kill him has more. c.e.o. and founder of facebook mark zuckerberg has really escaped much public scrutiny in the past that is changing with this cambridge analytical scandal people just didn't realize that if their friends downloaded apps that their profile could be targeted as well and so now facebook c.e.o. is trying to get ahead of what has been growing raves of the company has been slow to react to he's up on capitol hill meeting privately with key members of the senate and then he's going to have two days of testimony music spec to deface improved tough questions so in ahead of that they're announcing some steps that they will notify the eighty seven million users affected by the cambridge analytics gandel they're going to change how their website works that they're going to add
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almost five thousand new employees to work on security also saying that they are going to allow the new european union step privacy standards that are pretty strict that they're going to apply to every facebook user across the globe in the near future and that they're going to work with foundations and academics to study exactly how social media impacts elections so basic message today in this testimony that was released ahead of his visit is that he is sorry that he should have done better the company should have done better and they will in the future still probably not be enough to keep him from getting some pretty tough questions when he sits down with members of the u.s. house and senate. he wants to come on the program independent monitors question the fairness of it to organs and lexan victory in hungary plus. a volunteer restaurant because it's the dumbest table for thousands of struggling.
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hello there is dry unsettled for most of us across australia at the moment the satellite picture is picking up a little bit of cloud in the south making things rather grey and at times rather damp across the tasmania but ahead of it is staying fine but it's also staying very hot adelaide they're up at thirty three degrees on tuesday the average at this time of year is twenty six and it's going to stay hot even as we head through wednesday thirty degrees this time will be our maximum you can see the clouds building out towards our west but i don't think it's going to reach us in adelaide until thursday or friday now out towards the east and we've got a swirling area of cloud here on all satellite picture but it's all storm kenny now is working its way towards the southeast already it's giving us some heavy rain over fiji we're already water logged here we've got plenty more rain still to come
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further south and forth across new zealand it's also looking pretty stormy at the moment to this is jim's pushing its way northward bringing wet and windy conditions we could even see those winds gusting up to one hundred twenty kilometers per hour at times as the system pushes its way across so the temperatures are dropping so all can we'll see a maximum just to fifteen degrees as we head through wednesday for christchurch the temperatures here will actually be recovering still rather unsettled though even on wednesday plenty of showers around. in a country with high youth unemployment one organization helps turn school children into entrepreneurs walk on tell us what i mean by their wide fundraising empowering them to reclaim their futures week to show them how to operate this story in my shoes how to make the best mates and build more prosperous communities some of them invest the money into the business of school for life uganda part of the rebel
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education series at this time on al-jazeera. the mind of our top stories here announces the russians launched a scathing attack on the west for braving syria for an alleged chemical attack on the rebel held town of duma in which at least forty people are reported to have died. present on champus foremost a major decision on syria over that suspected chemical attack in the next twenty four to forty eight hours and facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg has apologized to u.s. lawmakers for privacy breach of fate's tens of millions of users admitting his
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social media site didn't do enough to protect people's data. so voices of jail palestinian teenager ahead have released footage of her being questioned by the israeli military seventeen year old was detained in december after being filmed slapping an israeli soldier near her home in the occupied west bank while a junction has more now from. it's a video that supporters of a had to mimi say exposes the abusive tactics used against the palestinian teenager in an attempt to coerce her into a confession members of to me family say the video highlights verbal harassment and intimidation by two male israeli interrogators they say one portion showing the two men referring to me as hair color and eyes is particularly troubling and inappropriate. and my. god.
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the free the to me means campaign released the footage to the media at a news conference on monday in the mullah in the occupied west bank her father says israel decided to make an example of his seventeen year old daughter in order to discourage palestinian children from resisting the occupation again alluded to guess that i had that they wanted to break our head to break her as the symbol she represents in front of her generation. to me was arrested in december after this video of her slapping and hitting two israeli soldiers outside of her house in the village of went viral. her younger cousin had been shot in the head by the israelis with a rubber coated steel bullets during protests against settlement expansion in the area her case drew international criticism and to me became a hero to many palestinians israeli officials have defended to me as arrest saying they're protecting their soldiers and stopping what they call the incitement of violence last month to me agreed to
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a plea deal with israeli prosecutors to avoid more serious charges that could have led to her being imprisoned for years human rights defenders say what happened to me is not an isolated incident to prison so i think there's likely. widespread practice and all sure as to the prison stays there you show to see the target children and they target children by different groups for instance by torturing them by understeer them by detained them many are outraged by the video especially by the presence of one of the two interrogators i've seen i don't know hundreds of off interrogation sessions i have never seen a military intelligence officer present in one of these interrogations simply never seen it in hundreds of interrogations of he is not he's not. he's not police his military intelligence why was military intelligence presence there the israeli army
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says it's passed a complaint filed by to me means lawyer of improper conduct by the investigator to the justice ministry and it's being examined palestinian activists say that perhaps most of all i had to mimi's case has highlighted the plight of palestinian children . aid organizations say there are around three hundred palestinian minors currently being held in israeli jail and whose cases like i had to me are being heard or will be heard before a military court and according to activists those miners will ultimately also have to enter into plea bargains or risk facing long term detentions how much of damage is either in the occupied west bank. turkey's become a divorcing hundreds of afghan refugees who were found to have entered the country illegally nearly seven hundred people were be returned to afghanistan this week seven chrysalis been talking to some of the refugees. in eastern turkey. these young boys are from afghanistan they fled their country
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a couple of weeks ago they came to turkeys through illegal ways following hooman traffickers break their country first they entered iran and then they came to an esteemed city of turkey dalby as that and says that border city they have been walking to heirs or him and others instance to tear off turkey they are seeking asylum they're refugees they are actually a bunch of young boys who are looking for who are seeking future in another country which is tricky they say turkey is closer to their country and much cheaper to access and they said they don't want to go back to their country because there is war there is insecurity and no turkish officials are saying that these refugees are not acceptable acceptable interest and they are being deported via chartered planes to afghanistan capital kabul but these wars they say they don't want to leave turkey and they they say they are hopeful that they're going to find
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a future in this country which is a friend and neighbor to them but the oil continues on through to the world here again to the heirs of them sitting. independent monitors a questioning the fairness of hungary's election which sell viktor orban won a third straight term as prime minister the organization for security and cooperation in europe says other candidates weren't able to compete equally. voters had a wide range of political options but intimidating and zina phobic rhetoric media bias and opaque campaign financing constricted the space for genuine political debate. hindering voters' ability to make a fully informed choice the ability of contestants to compete on an equal basis was significantly compromised by the government's excessive spending and public information advertisements that amplified the ruling coalition's campaign message
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or majority will allow them to press ahead with constitutional changes and hard i. don't know how reports from. analysts talk to or bone fatigue left wing activists thought and the gys da position would strike a blow to victor all bones power they were wrong maybe i'm starting to look i mean our country hungry is still not there where we would like it to be but it's already started to go the way that it chose for itself we're going to go together this way in victory or been declared himself the defender of traditional hunger values a familiar theme the enemy mainly muslim refugees poised to invade despite a large fence built on hungary's southern border in defiance of brussels also those who enable the pro immigration n.g.o.s and independent media. he's changed
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the constitution before how far might be prepared to go. it's really on for seeable i mean i'm pretty sure that you will go against civil society organizations you try to shut them down you probably try to limit their finances i think he will go against independent media outlets would still exist in the country and i also think that he might go against the independent judiciary. there's a name for viktor or bans system of government he calls it a liberal democracy it's basically the primacy of populist nationalism over individual freedoms and along with popular economic policies half the voters of this country support it those who don't are in for a try. bling for years but he just isn't a bust choice for us because they are. every rule in hungary they are didn't respect the people of hungary they think they can do anything to hungary hungary and people. like very much like these people from oregon.
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in the sun outside hung presses neoclassical parliament building on the banks of the danube a military guard is on constant parade where once an e.u. flag flew there are now hand banners invoking nostalgia for a lost imperial past. these are all bands innovations in a country cementing its place as a standard bearer for rightwing nationalism in europe jonah how al-jazeera budapest . jordan's capital which has been providing thousands of free meals to the homeless is so successful it's not expanding the jessica name has the story. mahmoud noble seen wanted to find a way to help the poor mobilize jordan's youth and support rural women but when he shared his ideas with others they were dismissive he decided to press on anyway he
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founded what he calls a social solidarity restaurant in amman offering free meals to those who can't afford one it's called as whitey and means my support system in arabic the idea of where we can support the social fabric with. the restaurant is run solely by volunteers moster young women and college students paying customers purchase what's called an invite write a message and it's posted on this board of kindness. no bull c. says it's intended to preserve the dignity of those getting the free meals and also make a connection. that people here treat us well there is a respect between the clients and the customers you know. in the last three years thousands of people have been able to enjoy good food for free but especially with
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what's going on in jordan and syria with having to support so many refugees and that it really is great and it's nice when you come to place and you're able to support the community and all the food is sourced locally and bought from women in rural areas volunteers say they love giving back and are also learning about entrepreneurship bush says no one cares that she's a syrian refugee. that's a problem with my nationality i work with the french companies they treated me kind of in the zero four way so i would love to be with people they accepted me as i am as what he has been such a success it's expanding later this month the doors were open here at a second restaurant it's about an hour's drive outside of the capital in a town that's struggling the founder not only wants to keep growing across jordan but in other countries as well as as what he has thrived suit to has the
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surrounding area once dilapidated this is now a colorful stretch of small businesses and perhaps most importantly with people from diverse segments of jordanian society natasha to name al-jazeera amman. if they're quick a mind and i have our top stories. russia has launched a scathing attack on the west for blaming syria for an alleged chemical attack on the rebel held town of duma the russian ambassador to the u.n. says the u.s. the u.k. . and france have no evidence that damascus was even behind sausages attack in which at least forty people are reported to have died the silly mebane is e s says most school has warned the u.s. of course grave repercussions if it carries out any retaliation attacks against syrian government forces yeah the reason we're here to do is to put our call for those who will speak against me slammed through the regime to proceed with the
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premise that there was no chemical weapons attack sweden drew up a draft resolution to discredit the incident we are willing to consider this resolution today we propose to let the o.p.c. w. fly to damascus immediately to morrow there the syrian authorities and russian troops will provide conditions to travel to the area of the incident for them to familiarize themselves with the situation this is what president trump and other western leaders called upon us two hundred twenty. the us president almost trumpets foremost a major policy decision within forty eight hours as the fallout over that alleged chemical attack continues speaking at a cabinet meeting trump condemned the attack on the rebel held town of duma as quote heinous so when government denies it was behind saturday's attack and president trump has reacted angrily to the news the f.b.i. raided the office of his personal lawyer michael cohen describing it as a witch hunt agents reportedly seize documents including records of payments to the
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porn star stormy daniels facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg has apologized to u.s. lawmakers for a previously breach affecting tens of millions of users in a written statement he admitted his social media network didn't do enough to protect people's data is due to appear before two congressional committees on choose day and weapons day and so questions about the misuse of up to eighty seven million users personal information you have today those are top stories next up it's rebel education as always thanks for your company but by. counting the cost why the gender pay gap the u.k. names the companies where men the paid more than women the new blood diamonds found electric cars and small phones facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg gets ready to answer some big questions. counting the cost.
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